“People are the best show in the world. And you don’t even pay for the ticket” Charles Bukovski

If it is true that the human being is the noblest subject of art, the portrait is the theme most exploited by artists.

The man, with his body, communicates and, with her face, expresses emotions thus assuming the power to transmit. A face can make us fall in love, and excite more intensely in relation to its ability to reflect a meaning that goes beyond the mere similarity.

The only point in common is the spontaneity of the everyday life. The photographer does simply take the transience of a moment and fix it in time to engage future reflections. In brief, the photographer is, and should be, a small selector of reality, as the photographer Abbas said: “I was born photographer … I like to think that I am a person who writes with light, referring to the greek meaning of the term: photo-graphy [it consists of two terms: “photo” which derives from “phos” and it means “light” in english; “graphy” which probably derives from graphi, which can mean write or drawing]. I have no merit; I was only a witness of what was happening under my eyes.”

“The essence of beauty lies in contradiction, scandal and not at all in appropriateness; but it must be a scandal that forces itself upon one and fills the heart with joy” Simone Weill

Around the world

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” Marcel Proust

A book therefore, poses an invitation to know each other as a bearer of such variety which is an essential element of beauty that is both a surprise and a wonder, or in one word: knowledge, that allows us to enrich and improve ourselves.

In order to allow any reader to better understand and analyze the beauty of infinite human variety, this book is structured as a journey with three parts: first a general analysis, second a horizontal-geographic travel, and finally vertical travel through the ages of human evolution.

Keep calm, your journey starts in your room or wherever you are, you simply turn the page. Giorgio Savio’s pictures will take you around the world in 80 images.

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